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Student Cluster Competition
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2020 Competition

Clemson University
Team Dabo's Tech Support

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Team 15
John Hollowell, Griffin Dube, Nik Heitzeg, Sarah Placke, Cavender Holt, and Sansriti Ranjan

Clemson University will be a first-time competitor, bringing Team Dabo's Tech Support to the VSCC. Although individual members of the team have worked together in the past, the current group has not competed in HPC-related competitions. Dr. Jon Calhoun, the team's advisor, explained that this submission represented Clemson's third attempt at trying to compete in the SCC.

"We all felt that our applications kept getting stronger with every attempt, and, this year, our hard work paid off," Calhoun said. "With all that is going on in the world and with the university due to COVID, competing at the VSCC gives the students a concrete goal that they can work toward."

Most team members learned about the SCC via presentations at Clemson. Cavender Holt joined the team after first hearing about high-performance computing and the SCC in Calhoun's data structures and algorithms course, in the spring 2019. The team was very pleased to learn that they were selected.

"I was very excited, especially after everything that has been going on, and after getting rejected last year," said Griffin Dube.

Sarah Placke added, "I was thrilled after hearing the news because we reached our goal after working persistently in a field in which most of us were unfamiliar."

Meanwhile, Sansriti Ranjan shared, "This summer after my internship got canceled, I felt a bit dejected as I was really looking forward to an experience and putting my skills into use. I decided to channel that energy into this opportunity in whatever way I could contribute. On knowing that we were finally selected, it gave me new energy, concrete hope, and something to look forward to building and embarking on this summer. We started with an expectation and ended with an experience that will be worth working for in the days to the competition."